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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 17, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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continued in a military courtroom at fort meade, maryland. an army investigator's attempt to testify by phone from hawaii was delayed. manning supporters held a rally today outside the main gate. he's accused of providing documents to wikileaks. police confirmed today that the remains found in long island are that of a woman who has been missing for a year. the body was identified of 24-year-old shannon gilbert. the search for her triggered the discovery of four bodies. the cause of death is still undetermined. authorities have identified the gunman in a shooting yesterday in california. 48-year-old andre turner opened fire killing two of his co-workers and wounding two others. turner then committed suicide. according to the "l.a. times"
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she was shooting at specific people. the breast cancer awareness bible also known as the pink bible is being pulled from stores. the publishing wing of the southern baptist convention ordered the recall. the group says the bible helped raise money for a foundation that contributed to planned parenthood. many conservative christian groups oppose plan parenthood because of its rule as abortion provider. in the philippines, a tropical storm has left more than 400 people dead and more than 100,000 displaced. hundreds more are still mills. there are reports that an entire village was swept away. government officials say 20,000 people are staying in evacuation centers throughout the region. my colleague johnathan mann spoke with richard gordon of the red cross about the challenges the government faces in helping people. >> this is one quick, deep fix
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we never expected out of what is considered a storm that brought an awful lot of rain that brought a lot of landslides caused by high tides and swollen rivers. all of the sudden you have a flash flood that suddenly kills people in most of the villages in the area. that is why today we have 436 people dead and over 350 people missing. certainly, the misery and vulnerabilities that have been generated by this cataclysmic storm has really created untold suffering. >> how are authorities coping there now? do they need outside help? >> well, obviously they will try to put up a brave front and try to say, okay, we can handle this. obviously, in a situation like this, we will have to reckon with the fact we have to rebuild
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homes. we have to rebuild lives and provide livelihood and perhaps recenter many of these folks. none of our governments have had the political will to address these problems. >> they're talking about 100,000 people being displaced by this storm. what's your first priority at the red cross? what's the most immediate need? >> relief, food for those who are in the evacuation centers and though trying to restore their homes. they would certainly be stressed by the fact they have not only lost their homes but their livelihood. at the moment, the red cross is preparing 10,000 food items for 10,000 families. this is just a preliminary relief earffort. we're providing hot food, or trying to do that. people have been to be buried.
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that has to be addressed as well. the red cross is also looking and tracing for people who are missing so that we can reunite families. >> and a last-minute cliff hanger in the u.s. senate today with a deadline looming. senators passed a massive spending plan and a two-month extension of the payroll tax cut. we have a live report from capitol hill in a moment. first, here's what senator john mccain had to say about today's vote. >> here we are again. a bill 1,221 pages long. not one member of this committee has read, of this body has read. 1,221 pages representing $915 billion of the taxpayers' money. here we are with not an amendment. we do have minutes to debate. we have 15 minutes. 15 minutes to consider a document 1,221 pages long representing $915 billion of the
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taxpayers' money filled with unauthorized, unrequested money. $100 million for the next generation bomber, which the air force says they don't want them, they don't need. so it's outrageous. i have amendments to save the taxpayers billions of dollars as associated with this bill. but never mind because we're going to go home for christmas. well, all i can tell you, i'm going home to a state where they don't have enough in the food banks to take care of the homeless this year. i'm going home to a state where half of the homes are under water. and what have we done? we just wasted billions and billions and billions of the taxpayers' money on projects that are either unneeded, unwanted, unrequested, and this system is broken. this system is broken.
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>> some strong words from senator john mccain there. the final vote on the spending bill with 67 for, 32 against. >> reporter: in a rare saturday session, the senate wrapped up their session with a massive bill. >> the conference report is agreed to. >> reporter: a vote to extends the payroll tax cut and extend unemployment assistance as well as other measures, but only for two months. that's because congressional leaders could not reach agreement around a more comprehensive deal to extend these measures that they wanted to accomplish and they were negotiating to extend the measures for up to a year. this short-term extension also includes the key pipeline, but many democrats and the president had stood opposed to. the house still needs to vote on the short-term tax cut
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extension. they could come back in as early as monday. with these final votes, senators head out of town to begin their holiday break only to return into the new year to almost certainly pick back up with this battle over the payroll tax cut as soon as they get back in town. and almost all american troops are now out of iraq. a powerful vice there says the country is being left in the hands of a dictator. next. first, memorable images from the iraq war. shock and awe over baghdad as the war begins in march 2003. remember that? and iraqi kids caught in the middle of the violence in their homeland there on the street as a car burns. and former dictator saddam hussein getting a medical exam after he was captured. he was later executed. and charred bodies of u.s. contractors hanging from a bridge over the river in philadelphia lieu that. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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checking headlines overseas now. a state of emergency declared in kazakhstan. that's after violent clashes between striking oil works and riot police left ten people dead. the unrest reportedly broke out when police tried to clear protesters from a main town square. it's a big but symbolic milestone for japan. the prime minister says the fukushima daiichi nuclear plant is no longer leaking substantial amounts of radiation. still, experts say complete cleanup could take decades. and a year ago today, the event that triggered the
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so-called arab spring, happened in tunisia where a street vendor set himself on fire. demonstrations followed throughout the arab world. and in iraq, just a few days remain until the last american combat troops are scheduled to depart. the final action of the u.s. war there. that deadline is arriving at a time when the iraqi government is in very real danger of falling apart. cnn's arwa damon is in baghdad. >> reporter: the so-called national unity iraqi government appears to be falling apart even before the last u.s. soldier has departed iraqi soldier. the largest block in parliament headed by the former prime minister announced on saturday that it would be suspending its membership from parliament because the block says the iraqi prime minister has noimplimting
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power-sharing agreement that was established. iraqiya lawmakers have been accuseding the prime minister of consolidating power. he does still maintain full control over the security portfolio, which of course includes the ministries of defense and interior. now, iraq's deputy prime minister had some pretty harsh criticism during an interview with cnn that took place just a few days ago. he simply called al eed al ma a dictator. one day america would grow to realize this and regret its decision to back a-maliki. meanwhile, there have been other concerns when it comes to the so-called democracy in iraq. when we talk about freedom of speech, one of the main corner stones, it seems as if this iraqi government sun willing or unable to safeguard it. a cnn cameraman on friday was beaten up following an
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anti-government demonstration, ripped from his vehicle, taken down an alleyway by pistol-wielding pro-government thugs. the iraqi government present, all of this happening within their sights. and this is not an isolated incident. human rights watch has cataloged numerous violations by the iraqi security forces against not only journalists but activists and bloggers as well. many iraqis are growing increasingly concerned that their country could descend into chaos. arwa damon, cnn, baghdad. >> many service personnel are returning home with post-traumatic stress disorder. one female soldier explains how she gets through all of that. her story is coming up in 30 minutes. the internet and globalization figure in this weekend's fortune brainstorm. ali velshi got a chance to speak with j.w. marriott and arne
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sorenson, the company's president. they talked about the new age of travel and how their company is responding. >> let's talk about you and hotels. you love the hospitality industry. what's different about it from when you worked in the company with your dad over those 40 years that you were ceo to today? what's the same and what's different? >> well, what's the same is taking care of people. we take care of our associates so they'll take good care of the customers and the customers will come back. we're providing a good room, a good bed, a nice check-in experience. boy, it has sure gotten to be complex. the internet has made it complex. the use of the computers has really changed the chowhole sce. the globalization of the industry has been huge and tremendous. we're now in 72 countries. we had ten new countries on the board the other day we were looking at hotels in. it's really become a very big and complex and global company. >> arne, one of your big challenges is not just that globalization, which i know you
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and other hotel companies are really into, the expansion in places like china and areas of india. one of the things marriott's been involved in is making sure america continues to be a great destination, particularly for tourists coming out of other countries. you have been lobbying the government of the united states to say make it easier for people to visit the united states. make it more welcoming. >> that's absolutely right. we're at the cusp of a new golden age of travel. it's really griffdriven by the we have tens of millions of new travelers from places like carolina and indcloohina and india. the u.s. ought to get its fair share of that. >> all right. the job company glass door has released their fourth annual employee's choice awards ranking the best companies to work for based on employee surveys. here are the top five ranked tech companies. number five, rackspace. number four, apple. number three, google. stick around to hear the top two
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before the break, we revealed some of the best tech companies to work for according to employee surveys. move on to number two, mitre. the number one best tech kmaen to work for in 2011, facebook. so as the year ends, we're taking a look back on hottest gadgets. today, we're going to get our game on with some of the hottest video games of the year. joining us via skype from
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toronto, syndicated video game critic mark saltzman. are these your top picks or universally topped picked? >> i don't think i'm alone. these are mine. a lot of top video game publications are releasing their best of 2011s. i can see i'm in good company here. why don't we start with my game of the year? that's called the elder scrolls five skyrim. this is an epic fantasy adventure. it's a role-playing game for those 17 and older, as you can see here in the corner. rated "m" for mature. there's hack and slash game play there. but you set out in this huge kingdom to fight foes and to interact with characters, take on missions and quests. you can battle ancient dragons. a mere limitless customizization for your character. you're always getting stronger. you're choosing where your strengths are.
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no two gamers are playing this the same way because there's so many places to go. this is just an idea, by the way. this is a map you get in the game. you can see how big it is. >> oh, my. >> yes, enormous. it's for playstation 3, xbox 360 and pc. >> now let's talk about some super hero games. what's been popular? >> yeah, well, without question batman arkham city. this is the sequel to a two-year-old game. you play as batman, the cape crusader as well as, with a code in the box, you can play as cat woman. from the moment bruce wayne dawns the mask on a snowy building, it's the most engaging, cinematic game of the year. it's so great. it's an open-ended game where you're, you know, taking on all kinds of missions.
3:21 pm
you have some familiar faces like joker and two face and mr. freeze and the riddler. it's just so well done. it's a combination of combat, puzzle solve, ak kro battics, using gadgets. then you unlock a detective mode where you use forensics to solve the puzzles and challenges in the game. just a real fun, immersive, super hero themed game. >> wow. okay. i guess you can add your own little, you know, bam, pow, shazam sound effects. >> right. >> okay. then there's been a lot of buzz about the new uncharted game. school me on that one because i'm unfamiliar. >> we'll school you on this, fred. >> school me. >> this is the playstation 3 exclusive. it's from sony. it's the third game in the popular uncharted series from naughty dog. this is best described as, like, an indiana jones adventure. you are this fortune hunter
3:22 pm
named nathan drake. he's an ancestor of sir francis drake. he goes out across the world, globe trotting, looking for treasure. this time around, he's looking to discover the mythological city, the atlantis of the sands. he ruffles a few feathers along the way. it's one of those games that is like a movie. you are the star of this action movie. we're probably looking at some great video of it right now. it's just so thrilling. like batman, very cinematic. played from a third person perspective. it's rated "t" for teen. there's off-color language and violence. it's a great game for teenagers and older. a lot of fun. uncharted three. >> incredible. then there's the, you know, mobile gamers. there's something for everybody. tell us about where's my water, real quick. >> very quickly, where's my water is from disney mobile. it's as addictive as angry birds, if not more so. it is a puzzle game that
3:23 pm
introduces a character named swampy. he's an alligator who just wants to take a shower, likes to be clean. his peers have chewed through the pipes. you have to use your fingertips to draw the water from the shower. sounds easy. it is very challenging. new levels introduced all the time. disney did a great job at that. all for only $1. it's for the ipad, iphone, and ipod touch. >> neat stuff. it's been an incredible 2011 in all things tech. thanks so much, mark. happy holidays. all the best to you. see you in 2012. >> and to you. take care. more high tech ideas, go to look for the gaming and gadgets tab. or follow mark on facebook, twitter, or linkedin. republican presidential candidate ron paul enjoys some late night laughs with jay leno and takes a big swing at michele bachmann. >> coming up tonight on cnn
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weekend prime, the florida a&m hazing ce ining scandal. one student is dead. other students are coming forward. one student who was beaten is giving up her scholarship and leaving. all that tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern. [ knock on door ] cool. you found it. wow. nice place. yeah. [ chuckles ] the family thinks i'm out shipping these. smooth move. you used priority mail flat rate boxes. if it fits, it ships for a low, flat rate. paid for postage online and arranged a free pickup. and i'm gonna track them online, too. nice. between those boxes and this place, i'm totally staying sane this year.
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a key witness in the penn state molestation case tells what he saw in a university locker room. that story straight ahead. first, a look at the other top stories. in the philippines, tropical storm washi has left more than 400 people dead and more than 100,000 displaced. hundreds more are still missing. there are reports an entire village was swept away. government officials say 20,000 people are staying in evacuation centers throughout the region. and the barefoot bandit will
3:27 pm
have nowhere to run for the next seven years because he has been sentenced to prison. 20-year-old colton harris-moore pleaded guilty friday to a two-year crime spree that stretched from the pacific northwest to the bahamas. moore reached cult-like status while dodging police on a man hunt that included stealing cars, boats, and planes often while barefoot. and 30 days of house arrest and two years probation. that's the sentence handed down yesterday for barry bonds, the home run king. he was convicted of obstruction of justice in a federal probe of illegal steroid use in professional baseball. and the chicago bears have dropped wide receiver sam herd. this follows his arrest wednesday on federal charges of conspireing to possess and distribute cocaine. he is freed on $100,000 cash bond. he's a former dallas cowboys
3:28 pm
wide receiver. coming up later on at 4:00 eastern time, we'll hear more on hurd's trouble from the dallas morning news writer. and now to the university of vermont. the sigma fi ep salon fraternity has been closed. the chapter was shut down after an online survey surfaced asking is members who they would rape. school officials are trying to figure out who created that survey. and the perjury case against two former penn state officials will go to trial. that's the judge's ruling following dramatic testimony by the prosecutor's star witness in the child sex abuse case against an assistant coach. cnn national correspondent susan candiotti reports. >> reporter: it was his moment. mike mcqueary walked into court, take a deep breath, and became the prosecution's star witness. he methodically described what he called a horrifying, alleged
3:29 pm
2002 sexual assault between jerry sandusky and a young boy in a penn state locker room. >> when i opened the door, i heard rhythmic slapping. >> reporter: he says he moved closer and looked in the shower. >> the boy was up against the wall, facing the wall. jerry was close to him with his hands wrapped around his waist. i believe jerry was sexual molesting him. >> reporter: he says he was about five to six feet away. >> there was no protest or yelling, so i can't be sure it was intercourse, but that's what i believe was occurring. >> reporter: when the alleged assault was over -- >> they looked directly in my eyes. >> reporter: neither said a word. mcqueary says he left, called his father, and met with head coach joe paterno the next day. >> i described it as extremely sexual. >> reporter: but avoided the words anal, intercourse, or sodomy because he said he didn't want to offend the legendary coach. nine days later, mcqueary says he was called to meet with the penn state vice president and
3:30 pm
athletic director. >> there's no question in my mind i conveyed to them i saw jerry in the shower with a boy. >> reporter: mcqueary testified he didn't call police because he felt by telling schultz, who's in charge of campus police, he was. >> in my mind, it was like speaking to a da. >> reporter: but mcqueary's information never went any further. not to police or child and youth services. susan candiotti, cnn, harrisburg, pennsylvania. all right. presidential hopeful ron paul pulled no punches in his assessment of his fellow republican candidates last night. he told talk show host jay leno what he thought about a couple of his rivals. >> michele bachmann? >> she doesn't like muslims. she hates muslims. she wants to go get them. >> rick santorum, i never see him talk about anything. seems like to him gay people,
3:31 pm
oh, my god, that's the end of the world. he doesn't seem to talk about anything else. does he -- >> gay people and muslims. >> all right. michele bachmann did respond to ron paul's conclusion calling it outrageous and saying today, quote, of course i don't hate muslims. bachmann is on a bus tour of all 99 iowa counties. bachmann's goal is to hit each county by december 28th, less than a week before the iowa caucuses. bachman has some company today in algona, iowa. rick perry is on a bus tour there as well. he's also trying to redeem his former number one status. he plans to see 44 iowa cities in 14 days. just in case you're wondering, the temperature in algona this afternoon is a freezing 32 degrees. on to south carolina. mitt romney is holding a town
3:32 pm
hall meeting there. his myrtle beach rally comes one day after the south carolina governor endorsed his bid to be the gop presidential candidate. cnn political producer joins us now on the phone from myrtle beach. so romney has the governor's endorsement. newt gingrich has a big lead in south carolina. what is he doing to maintain that? >> well, gingrich will be returning here a little later this month. i can tell you governor haley has been careful not to talk about him or any of the other candidates. she said she's focused on mitt romney but has said at every stop she likes romney because he's not a washington animal. he can come in and clean up the mess there. that makes you wonder what she think abouts the former house speaker. romney told the media today about the former speaker's work with mortgage giant freddie mac.
3:33 pm
a reporter asked him if that meant gingrich had been a lobbyist. here we can listen to what he said to that. >> i'm going to let the lawyers decide what is and what is not lobbying. when it walks like a duck and walks like a duck, typically it's a duck. >> i should tell you that today newt gingrich was on a teleconference call with voters in iowa. he said most of the money that he made while working with freddie mac, most of that paid for overhead and staff salaries. >> okay. so rachel, nicky haley was a tea party favorite. she got quite the backing in her win to become governor there. mitt romney hasn't been known to be a tea party favorite. might this change the tune of his backing among tea party loyalists? >> well, i have to tell you, we've seen very enthusiastic crowds for him. even yesterday the fire marshal stopped letting people into the
3:34 pm
room. some of that is governor haley. romney was asked about the tea party vote here in south carolina today. he said that he thinks he can start peeling off gingrich's voters because once his voters learn about gingrich's record, he thinks they might start to see romney as a better alternative. he's got a long ways to gop. the latest cnn polls here show gingrich about 20 points ahead. >> all right, rachel. thanks so much. join us every sunday afternoon, 4:00 eastern time, when we dedicate an entire hour to the presidential contenders in the 2012 election. all right. it was a single image of shock and amazement that went viral. this family could not believe they were still alive. how they survived a killer twister and plan to survive the next one. their story is next.
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convinced they're alive today because of something that was bolted to the floor of their garage. we go back to the day almost 250 people died in a massive tornado strike. >> reporter: there wasn't much
3:38 pm
left. the harrison's, kevin and sarah beth, navigated through the debris that was once their home. >> it was her doll that she used to take a bath. that's okay. it's a little dirty now. >> reporter: the tornado had done what big tornados do, wrecking just about everything in its path as it careened through athens, alabama, last april. one of a series of storms that killed nearly 250 people. a memory here or there is all that kevin and sarah beth hoped to find. >> we found our family picture. this is this year's christmas picture, which was one of our ornaments. i found one. >> reporter: this was a week after the tornado hit. a catastrophe that could have kept their young children,
3:39 pm
sophie and mason, from seeing this christmas. >> it only lasted about 30 seconds. >> reporter: this is what kept the harrison's alive. a safe room. kevin and his dad built it inside the family's detached garage. after the storm the garage was gone. all that stood was the homemade concrete and cinder block safe room. >> it's just a humbling experience altogether. how little we are, you know, and how it can all change in a second. >> reporter: this single image of the harrison's emerging alive with their children in their arms went viral. a survival story captured without a word needing to be spoken. [ applause ] a couple of months ago, the harrisons were honored at a federal alliance for safe homes gathering in orlando where they got an early, unexpected christmas gift. >> deluxe model, triple dead bolts. >> reporter: a company that manufactures safe rooms donated
3:40 pm
one to the harrisons. >> this saves your father a little bit of work too, right? >> it does. >> he's going to be upset. >> he'll be happy. >> reporter: so where to put it? kevin and sarah beth have just the spot. bolted to the garage floor of their new home in a new neighborhood. >> this is the christmas season. so we're going back and buying all new christmas ornaments and decorations. we lost all that. we ain't got an ornament left. it's an interesting experience to start from scratch. >> reporter: since the alabama tornados, all weather-safe rooms has installed an average of two a week. most in towns and communities hit hard last april. >> it's heart wrenching to go in and see the devastation and know that a lot of these people didn't have to die. they could have had a safe place to go. >> reporter: the harrisons know that what happened in their old
3:41 pm
neighborhood that april afternoon will always be with them. the moments of fear, the numbness at sight of all that destruction, smoke rising from piles of rubble, and an orange sunsetting over the one thing left standing. the reason they're here this christmas, that handmade room that saved their lives. >> incredible. now let's talk about other travesties that have brushed up against the gulf of mexico. we've seen a lot in the past couple years. now a new problem, jackie, that they're talking about is a type of crustacean that are some are saying is really threatening, you know, other marine life and perhaps even industries. >> right. we've been dealing with the gulf oil disaster. we had major flooding along the mississippi river. all that dumps out into the gulf of mexico. it's been a rough couple of years for the shrimping industry. it's a $700 million a year
3:42 pm
business. >> now we're talking about the big threat. it's a type of giant shrimp. doesn't that look like a lobster? >> it does. >> you can see the flatness of it. it's a black tiger. >> yes, it's a black tiger shrimp. it's the largest salt water shrimp in the world. when it's fully grown, it can be as much as a foot. that's 12 inches. it can weigh about a pound. it is kind of comparable to a lobster. the concern is that this is an invasive species. this is predatory. they also can carry diseases. that's a concern. it also competes for the same kind of food as the native shrimp species. you have your pink shrimp, white shrimp, and brown shrimp. >> when you look at a shrimp like this and think prawns, and that's a great delicacy that's the center piece of a lot of wonderful entrees. this is not something that people are considering or thinking about. this is not something good to eat. this is not something that's going to help the fishermen. >> well, you can eat it, but you don't want to have that at the
3:43 pm
expense of everything else, right? it affects the eco-system. it's native to the indo-pacific region. it shouldn't be in the gulf of mexico. they're trying to figure out where it came from. they want anybody who finds one to save it and freeze it then get ahold of the texas parks and wildlife service. they're going to investigate it and see what they can do. they've seen it on and off. there's an accidental release in 1988, then they disappeared. all the sudden they came back in 2006. >> that is fascinateding and very odd too. an odd problem. >> you think shrimp is a good thing. not necessarily. >> not in this case. all right. thank y thanks, jackie. see you later. meantime, the war in iraq is declared officially over. that doesn't mean the problems that have come from it are over. american veterans, many of them women, dealing with their combat experience every single day. their stories and what's being done to help them, next. welcome to idaho,
3:44 pm
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all right. former iraq war pow jessica lynch, remember her? well, now she's a college graduate. she graduated from the university of west virginia at parkersburg yesterday with a bachelor's degree in elementary education. lynch made headlines back in 2003 when she was captured by iraqi soldiers and was later rescued by u.s. forces. the iraq war produced more wounded women service members than any other conflict before. cnn's kyra phillips has one
3:47 pm
woman's story. >> reporter: june moss and her 15-year-old daughter brianna are tight. laughing, dancing, healthy competition. >> i'm beating you. >> no, you're not. >> reporter: but just five years ago, this almost ended. >> when you attempted suicide by cutting your wrists. >> yes. >> and what you told me about your kids and what they said to you. >> i remember an ambulance came, and my kids asked me, mommy, why did you do that? the only thing i could say at the time is i had a bad day. that was one stupid mistake. two, i thank god i wasn't successful. >> what do you do now when you have a bad day? >> i try to limit those bad days, for one. >> reporter: when we first met retired staff sergeant june moss two years ago, she was
3:48 pm
confronting ptsd head on. as a u.s. army vehicle mechanic, june went into baghdad in 2003, the start of operation iraqi freedom. she had an incredible attitude. she wanted to win this war. but after a few months of doing check point security and driving in country, a patriotic june moss went from this to this. she had become a soldier mentally battling the brutal realities of war. >> decapitations. you saw the charred bodies from the explosions and seeing all the debris. >> does that still come back? >> it comes back, but only when my stress level is high. so i try to minimize as much stress as possible. but i do notice when i'm stressing out, then i start having dreams about what i saw
3:49 pm
and the fear and just the all around experience. it does come back, as if to haunt you. >> ptsd doesn't go away, does it? >> unfortunately, no, it doesn't go away. it's not that simple. you're always one incident from spiraling out of control back to where you were at, being depressed. >> you know what i remember for our last interview? you talked about anger being a problem. >> sometimes when you have ptsd, you lash out. >> yeah, i was angry back then. >> is anger still a problem now? >> anger's still an issue, yes. anger is still an issue. >> why? >> it's funny. just a year ago i punched somebody in the face. >> you punched somebody in the face? at work? >> at work, yeah, because of my anger. i'm not proud of that. >> what happened? >> i let them push my buttons. they pushed one too many
3:50 pm
buttons. >> was that a gut check for you? >> oh, definitely. even i, too, have to keep my anger being mindful. >> reporter: she was suspended three days without pay, but now committed to weekly therapy, and thanks to her employer, the chaplain as the palo alto v.a., she's embracing her faith and her family in a whole new way. >> reporter: how do you remember your mom when she first got back from war? >> she was overly protective. >> she said she had nightmares about people taking us away, or her and war. >> reporter: so what's your mom like now? >> mommy is -- just wild and just my mother. she's always -- >> reporter: she's back? >> she's back. she's back. >> reporter: back, but continuing to fight her fears. >> i just couldn't do -- it reminded knee a marketplace and we didn't know -- if somebody
3:51 pm
was out there to kill us, and i know i'm back home, i don't have to worry about a suicide bomber but i still felt as if, there was one lurking somewhere at the mall or the grocery store. >> reporter: but just over a month ago, june took a huge step. she took her daughter to a concert. you were afraid of crowds. noises. >> oh, yes. >> reporter: and you took your daughter. >> i took my daughter. >> reporter: to see chris brown. >> yes, to see chris brown. we went to the concert, and it was amazing, and i am so glad that i am in my therapy now, that i was able to do something like that, because that crowd was massive. because those kids loved them from chris brown. >> reporter: would you say your mom's better? healthier? happier? >> all of that. she's -- she's just how she used to be and i like it. >> it's a big deal, to know that, you know, i've come a long way. >> reporter: are you a better mom? >> i am a better mom.
3:52 pm
a better person. i'm a better me. you know, from head to toe. i'm a better me. >> june moss encourages troops coming home to seek some type of therapy, because she says there are a lot of emotions tied to combat. without treatment the anxiety and nightmares could get the best of them. we wish her the best. the iraqis have also suffered in this war, and next hour, cnn the mike holmes introduces to iraqi citizens whose lives will never be the same. for some, it's a lifelong passion.
3:53 pm
for others, it's something discovered yesterday. we all have things that speak to us. they drive us to get up early, and stay up late. getting lost in the things we love has never felt quite like this.
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i think everybody agrees. most agree, right? this holiday season usually brings lots of lights, a lot of music. beautiful things to see. generally people are very happy, unless you're in the mall parking lot where people are out of control. >> one person on the block, though? >> as it pertains to life and all that. jacqui, we're going to take a look at a pretty extravagant house and the music. >> yes. let's listen. ♪ ♪ >> gosh. incredible. >> wow. >> round rock, texas is where this is happening. >> our ireporter, thank you, john. very cool. 25,000 lights for this display.
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>> wow! that is incredible. don't want to see their power bill. at end of it all. clearly it's worth it. everybody's enjoying it, including us. >> absolutely. >> jacqui? nice job. >> yes. >> thanks for the folks there in round rock, texas. ♪ thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money ? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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3:59 pm
a homicide. robert champion junior died in a so-called hazing incident. error i talked about the case with our legal guys richard and avery, who predicted where the investigation might go next. >> yeah. it's horrible, fred. they're going to unturn every stone to look into the hazing activities that have been going on at this university, and, frankly, hazing activities which go on in universities all over the country. not only universities, but high schools as well. every now and then we see a fatality. everybody gets in an uproar and rant and rave how hazings must end, it dies down for a while and an incident like this comes to fruition. it's horrible. this death was unnecessary, and you know, the band may be taken away from this university for a while. i think that's what's going to happen. >> and an issue, a pattern. avery, investigators are looking at, other allegations of hazing incidents on campus. thisat


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